Minsan sa malayong burol.

Tahimik ang makatang pulpol.

Tinig ng isipa’y nabubulol.

Mga salita’y pilit hinahabol.


Cheers! (In Russian)

T-34/85 with crew, January 1945

Just before their winter operation that would bring them to the gates of Berlin for a final assault to finish off Nazi Germany, The crew of this T-34/85 from 164th Tank Brigade of the 16th Tank Corps, had somehow found time and vodka to take some icy rest and relaxation.


A tribute to our old organization and to that somewhat auteur office ornament.




O palay!

Ikaw ang aming gabay

Sa magandang hulagway

Ng aming buhay


Wangis mo’y tila’y

Bituing matamlay

Datapwat ika’y di gulay

O, kami’y sa iyo’y naglalaway!


Noong ika’y gawing kalamay

Kami’y bahagyang nalumbay

Ngunit damdami’y pinagtibay

Ng sustansiyang iyong taglay


Sa aming paglalakbay

Ika’y aming kaagapay

Kami’y sa iyo’y di mawawalay

O Teepee! Ipagbunyi ang ating Palay!


A common sighting in the rural areas: a lone jeepney is heavily laden with passenger. Photo courtesy of mudwrestler.deviantArt.com
A common sighting in the rural areas: a lone jeepney is heavily laden with passenger. Photo courtesy of mudwrestler.deviantArt.com

Araw-araw akong sumasakay sa jeep. Masikip. Maalog. Lumilipad! Masaya maging parte ng kulturang laman na ng kalsada. Mahangin. Kasabay ng pagharurot ng jeep, siya namang paglipad ng isip ko. Hindi rin maiwasang malubak ang daan, nakakatagtag ng kamalayan. May ilang beses na rin akong ginawang unan ng mga walang habas kung matulog sa jeep: at least, naging saksi ako sa panaginip at pangarap nila. Dumating din yung mga pagkakataong gustong gusto kong sumakay sa jeep dahil sa chance na makasabay at makatabi ko ang crush ko. Naranasan ko na ding sumakay sa jeep para lang mawala sa lansangan. Trip lang. Kakaibang trip!

Tayo na’t sumakay

Sa biyaheng makulay


Tayo na’t sumabay

Parte na ng ating buhay


Kulturang gumugulong

Sa kalyeng walang hanggan


Businang umuugong

Tinig ng hari ng daan


Naging saksi sa’ting umagang nagmamadali;

Mga sandaling ang iyong crush ay nakatabi


Di man maiwasang siksikan at mainit

At kung minsan nga katabi mo ay pangit


Di maiwasang maipit at ang katabi ay makulit

Upuang para sa lima, sampu ay pinipilit


Ngunit kung minsan nga ay nakakabad trip

Nakakainis kahit pa sa jeep ikaw ay umidlip


Ang katabi mong kung matulog ika’y ginawang unan!

At walang pakialam kung kanyang laway ika’y matuluan!


Ngunit kung pagmamasdan at nanamnamin

Nakakaaliw sa jeep na lumilipad sa hangin


Isama na ang barkada

Sa jeepneyng kay ganda


Pero kung minsan ika’y mangangalumata

Sa jeep na dugyot at nanggigitata


Basta’t wag kakalimutan

Mga gamit ay ingatan!


O sige na! kumapit nang mabuti

Pamasahe mo ma’y mumunti


Umpisahan na ang pasada

Simulan ang pag-arangkada


Ipinagmamalaking sariling atin

At malayo-layo na nga ang narating


At walang ganyan sa ibang landas!

Dahil dito lang yan sa Pinas!



Romanian Stage Actor Marcel Iures In Pencil Drawing

Ahh… yes! For the first time this year I was able to pick up my tools of choice and work on a piece of paper. I have been very busy this first quarter of the year to be barely have time for my hobbies. It is very rewarding to finish one up despite the schedules and stuffs. I hope this 2nd quarter, I could have more time for this. I’ll find more time.

Marcel Iures. I first saw this actor on screen, it was I think 2005 I think, in the movie The Peacekeeper I just saw in a video player on board a bus. I was mystified by his character then.

And then, there was the movie Hart’s War. He portrayed a role of a German colonel – Col. Visser. I just found his role in that movie amazing! His arrogance was simply fantastic!

Well, on this pencil drawing I used 2B and 5B pencils on canson paper.

I just drew from a picture I got from the internet. Shame! But anyway I felt good just to be able to draw pictures again. This may not be perfectly done, but it is good enough for me.













A Piece of History, 1/35 Scale

Sd. Kfz. 165 Hummel 150mm Self-propelled Gun
Sd. Kfz. 165 Hummel 150mm Self-propelled Gun

I bought this 1/35 scale model of the German Sd. Kfz. 165 Hummel 150mm self-propelled howitzer from a local hobby store. It took me about a week to complete its construction.

I bought the German gun crew separately, and it took me 3 days to construct and paint them. About 3 hours a day. Since they are wearing parkas, and it seems that they are geared up for a winter action in the Eastern Front during WWII, I decided to paint them in winter/spring scheme.

As for the paint, I didn’t use the kind that most modelers would. Instead, I used what are available at my disposal – artist’s oil paint, in tubes (Vinton, Reeves, Pebeo, Alpha). I even compromised using some of my very finest brushes, to suppress any mark of brushworks (oh, those sables!).

Scaled modeling and diorama making has become my new form of art. But instead of using linseed oil to thin my paints, I resorted in using kerosene for thinning to keep the oil paints from giving off their natural luster. It should be noted that there are no tanks or any other military vehicles on the grounds that are shiny. The only problem with artist’s paint is that they took some time to dry up, unlike the aqueous and other oil-based modeling paints that dry up instantly. Artist paints take some time to settle: blacks and burnt umber take about 12 -24 hours to dry; siennas and ochres about 24-36 hours; white paints could reach 3 to 4 days before finally settling.

After constructing and painting the tank and the crew, next comes the planning for the composition of the diorama. On this one, I experimented on using used coffee grounds to represent the soil (to be broad, the coffee was Arabica, Bon Vivant Irish cream blend, hmmm… plug!).

I put the thick layer of glue and coffee ground over a ½ inch Styrofoam sheet topped with a thick layer of paper mache.

As for the grass effect, I used the cogon strands of our mop. And everyone in our house was puzzled to see the mop nicely trimmed.

In making the tree, I had to watch a Youtube video on how to make a miniature tree from scratch. But I deviated from using expensive lichen and Styrofoam for the foliage. Instead, I used shredded dried moss and sprinkled it to armature of copper wire shaped into branches. I think the best way to stick the shredded moss to the armature is by using adhesive spray. But then, I simply dipped the ends of the armatures into a pool of paper glue. Anyway, the result was still great.

Making the fences and the toilet is the part that has the more fun. I had to use match sticks, toothpicks (I made sure they’re unused), Popsicle sticks, and matchboxes for them. It was like back in those childhood days when I used to create houses for my toys out of shoe boxes and cartons.

It took me about three weeks to complete this diorama. As I have also other things to do, I find it hard to allocate a significant amount of time to finish it soon. The last part is taking photos of it and making it look like a footage from the 1940’s era. To give its picture a vintage look, I used Photoshop for photo manipulation.

So there it is. There’s my 1/35 scale of Sd. Kfz. 165 Hummel 150mm self-propelled gun with crew preparing their ammunitions for their artillery barrage, their order for the day. I find it cute that a military vehicle be named after a bumblebee, though.